Fall Weekend & Anxiety

  1. kathy mickey says:

    I have lived through the good, bad, and the ugly…..things happen on some random wednesday that knock you off your feet and yes I worried snd obsessed over what could possibly go wrong next….One day it dawned on me….no matter what happens im going to be okay…I have always came out of the worst wiser, stronger, and realizing I made it to the other side…god is in control and you’ll be okay no matter what..

  2. Katie Cooley says:

    You guys have a beautiful life together and impress me daily! I was in my thirties before I had a “real” career, got married, owned a home or started a family. Look how far you both have come in just 2.5 years!

    Please enjoy everything God has given you (already) right now. Unfortunately, none of us are exempt from tragedy, loss, heartache or failure. But sometimes it’s these moments that really bring you closer to each other and God. I just told Casey yesterday that if I was upset, my grandmother would say, “Kate, only an idiot is happy all the time.” Sounds silly, but it holds some truth. Without a little turmoil, you are never able to appreciate all the greatness life has to offer.

    Life can be challenging and unpredictable but you are with your best friend in the world to share it with. You have God and Casey to encourage, celebrate and stand by your side through failure and triumph.

    If you feel worrisome (or guilty) that you’re more concerned with the next phase of life instead of appreciating the present-then volunteer. It keeps us humble and puts things in perspective. Feeding the poor (Thanksgiving?) or donating your time to help the less fortunate allows you to truly count your blessings.

    However, I do understand your point. You ARE happy just overly concerned your fairytale may randomly crash. We all feel that way sometimes, but you have to trust God and each other that you will persevere and only gain strength. You guys are on a great path and I have no doubts you both will exceed your own expectations! Enjoy!!! Xoxo

  3. Patrick Bissig says:

    You are your parent’s child. We have walked that path too often.

    I have been speaking on “Stress” the past three weeks, let me share a few thoughts from scripture.

    Psalms 55:5-6 (NLT) Fear and trembling overwhelm me, and I can’t stop shaking. 6 Oh, that I had wings like a dove; then I would fly away and rest! (Exclamation noted)

    -David had everything, but he was a basket case because of some Kingdom issues and he wanted to run (fly) away, AND REST! (No peace, no rest)

    John 14:27 I give you my own peace and My gift is nothing like the peace of the world. Do not be distressed or daunted

    -When Jesus left planet earth, he left us his peace. We never have to ask for it, we need to walk in it

    Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding SUBMIT (One of the definitions of the word submit it to RELAX) to him and he will make your paths straight. In all of your ways acknowledge (To keep our minds on and remembering) Him and He will direct your path (removing obstacles that block your way, clear the road for you, safe passage, and give you success)

    LAST ONE….

    Isaiah 26:3 You God will keep those in PERFECT PEACE whose minds are steadfast (stayed, focus, fixed, determined) on You.

    To sum this all up….

    Even the very greatest of God’s people (King David) had times of such great stress and fear he wanted to run away from it all. He shook from his fear.

    Jesus has provided us with peace, we just have to apply it. MAN, THAT IS HARD!!! We don’t have to ask for it, it’s already ours.

    When we allow God to guide our life, we get to rest, and he straightens out the nonsense and craziness, and gives us a perfect path for our lives.

    When all else seems to not be working…keep your mind, your thoughts on him. He will then keep you, or hold you in his peace.

    Love you, two, and couldn’t be more proud of you both!