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Hiking Trip to Natural Bridge

Weekend Mini Day Trip

This weekend Casey and I spent Saturday hiking at Natural Bridge, Kentucky State Park. While I absolutely can’t contain my excitement for the arrival of Fall, I was so happy we were able to savor the last bit of Summer with a mini adventure. Traveling and taking road trips is my favorite part of the hot summer months. This year, we haven’t been able to get out and do as much as we planned because of different activities that have gotten the best of our schedules. Needless to say we were happy to detach ourselves from our daily agenda and get away for the day.

Natural Bridge is only one hour away from our home, so it is the perfect distance to feel like a mini-trip without an investment of time or money. We didn’t put much thought into this mini endeavor. We talked about it during the week, woke up Saturday and decided to go.

We grabbed a few water bottles, bug spray, snacks, and headed out the door. While I love weekends at home, sometimes our free weekends that we intend on spending together morphs into an all weekend event of checking projects off our “To Do” list. It is hard for me to “chill” at home when there is laundry to fold, a closet that needs organizing, bills to be sorted, flowers that need watering, or a project that needs editing. Do I need to go on? Most of the time I am all for that, but this weekend we wanted to get away somewhere that couldn’t distract us, and we could be fully present and together.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors with my husband, the best moment was eating Miguels Pizza. Miguels is a local cafe located near Natural Bridge that specializes in customized made-to-order pizzas. You walk in, select from a list of fresh toppings you want, and rest outside at picnic tables while you wait for your order. Y’all, this homemade pizza is every bit of heaven, especially after a two hour hike when you’re sweaty and hungry.

Ok, I think I’ve talked more about the pizza than the actual trip. So I guess what I am saying is go hike, but also go eat some fresh goodness pizza.

What is your favorite place to get away and feel rejuvenated?

Here are a few pictures from our weekend… Enjoy!

This is the pizza I am talking about. So good!

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Sara Cooley

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