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Christmas in Stowe, Vermont

For the second part of our Christmas getaway to Vermont, we stayed in Stowe. (We talked about the first part of our trip in Burlington here!)

Our time in Stowe was magical, truly a winter wonderland. It snowed SO MUCH while we were there it was beautiful. What would normally feel like a blizzard back home in KY, was completely normal there. Our schools would have shut down… the town would have been a complete standstill, but all the snow was no problem there, they were so prepared. And small town school was still in session! Casey and I wondered how much snow they needed to get before the kids were granted a snow day!

We arrived at our resort one week before peak season, the slopes had just opened so we pretty much had the entire resort to ourselves. We didn’t mind one bit because we didn’t have to wait for anything and the staff at Stowe Resort was so kind to us!  Our resort had an ice skate for families who stayed there to enjoy. One evening we rented ice skates and had the entire rink to ourselves with the mountains all around us.

Enjoy some pictures of our time at Stowe below, with a few travel tips at the bottom. We hope you enjoy, we loved every minute of our stay here! The views were breathtaking. 

 My favorite part of the trip was taking our rental car and just choosing streets to sightsee. Everywhere we read before coming to Stowe, said one thing was a must, to rent a car and just choose a street to go down, because they all lead to gorgeous views. Which is exactly what we did. 

Travel Guide to Stowe, VT


Stowe Mountain Resort: Casey & I had read about Stowe Resort online before arriving, and the location looked so beautiful. It definitely did not disappoint. It is the largest ski resort in the area and the place was stunning. Our room had a fireplace and a little kitchenette with a gas stove overlooking the mountains. It had everything we needed. If we were more prepared we would have went grocery shopping since we could cook in the room and save on a few meals. 

The resort had everything you could think of: direct access to ski slopes, ice skating rink, a rock climbing wall, a theater, shops, restaurants, heated pool… everything. It is also very family friendly with so many activities for kids to enjoy. 

If we come back again, we want to try out a few other lodges we saw while sightseeing. There were so many adorable places to stay in town. However, for our first time here alone, it was perfect. 


Food here was a little more difficult for us because the restaurants are placed more sporadically through town and we didn’t know really where to eat. Haha. We also missed breakfast every morning at our resort at Stowe because we overslept. We are more of a brunch couple when on vacation and everywhere stopped serving breakfast by about 10:30. Even in town. So be prepared for that. I wanted breakfast foods all day and every day. We definitely were missing our Penny Cluse from our stay in Burlington. But we still found a few good places to eat! 

Plate: We visited a few local restaurants and they were delicious, but my favorite was called Plate. It was so cute and right in town. 

Cold Hollow Cider Mill: This was located right outside of Stowe, maybe 5-10 minutes away and I highly recommend stopping here!! We had cider every single day in Stowe, and Cold Hollow was the best we’ve ever had!! They are known for their fresh cider and homemade cider donuts. SO delicious!!

For lunch my favorite place was a little dinner Called Cafe on Main. They served delicious soups and sandwiches. 


Skiing: Casey and I didn’t partake in skiing this trip because it was a little too expensive for us. But I really wish at least Casey could have! I wanted him to so bad, but they require skiing lessons for first timers (which I am very thankful they do) but after he took the lessons, and rented the ski’s it would have topped our budget. So next time is a MUST, and we will be better prepared for it.

Sightseeing:  I can’t say enough how beautiful Stowe was. Everything is very spread out so you definitely need a car to get around, but that is also good because it makes you travel and experience the beauty of the town. We turned on our Christmas music and just got lost. It was  romantic with just us two, but could be so much fun with a car full of kids and family. There were so many times we wished our family was with us so they could share the memories with us too.

Horseback Riding/Sleigh Riding: We were going to do both of these things, but it snowed so much and so hard on the days we were going to go they looked like they were closed when we could go! We will be back to check this off our list. 

Sledding: Casey and I are all about free activities. One of the locals at the resort gave us some good advice to rent sleds at the general store and go behind the elementary school where a large hill was located and go sledding. It was so much fun!! A favorite memory.

Hiking: One of the days it was snowing we decided to tour the mountainside and go hiking. I felt like we were in Narnia! So, so beautiful. I didn’t take my camera for fear of dropping it, but it was a blast to hike with Casey in the snow. I made sure we stayed on path, but it was truly remarkable. 

Christmas Movies: At night back in our resort, we turned on our fireplace and had a marathon of Christmas movies since it was just a few weeks away. We also walked around the resort and sat around the fireplace in the main lodge and had some late night snacks and coffee. LOVED IT. 

If you haven’t had the chance yet, read about the first part of our trip to Vermont: our stay in Burlington here!

We would love to hear from you and hear your thoughts and learn about new places to visit. Have you been to Stowe? If not, what is your favorite Winter getaway?

Sara Cooley

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