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Christmas in Burlington, Vermont

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with family and friends! This winter Casey & I traveled to Vermont for a Christmas getaway to celebrate our delayed honeymoon! When we first were first married we decided it was best to wait and I am so thankful we did. We both have been wanting to visit the mountains, and it has been a dream of mine to visit Vermont ever since watching White Christmas. The trip was every bit of a winter wonderland as we hoped it would be. If you are planning a trip to VT, we highly encourage it. We are sharing a few traveling tips of restaurants and places you must not miss while traveling through Burlington or Stowe at the end of this post. We decided to break up our blog into two parts to feature both parts of our trip. In this post, we are sharing about our time in Burlington! You can read about Stowe here

Travel Guide to Burlington, VT

We flew into Vermont and stayed there for a week. To break up our trip we stayed 3 nights in Burlington and 4 in Stowe! That perhaps was the best decision we made because it allowed us to see more of VT. If you ever get a chance to visit, be sure and try to visit both places. Below we are sharing our time in Burlington, click here to read about our time at Stowe. They both are such charming towns, but entirely different! Overall, the best food we ate came from Burlington, but Stowe is a truly a winter wonderland. 


Airbnb: Garden Studio: We stayed in the most adorable cottage airbnb!! It was an absolute dream! I can’t say enough about our room at the Garden Studio. Our hostess was so sweet and greeted us with a warm welcome. The room was cozy and just as described in the profile we read online. The room looked exactly like the pictures and exceeded our expectations. If you are looking for a getaway trip to Burlington with just you and your hubby, this is the perfect place to stay! The room is clean, large, has a cozy fireplace, mini kitchenette and just enough amenities needed for your stay. The bathroom floors also heat up after you get out of the shower, so you are never cold! How amazing?! We loved staying right in town and feeling like one of the locals. We will definitely be back! The room was so dreamy!!! 


The food is to die for! We can’t say enough about the food during our trip to VT. We decided to only eat locally as much as we could, and it was so easy to do because every place we ate at supported local farmers and had farm-to-table table dining. 

Breakfast/Brunch: The best place during our whole trip, in both Burlington and Stowe hands down was Penny Cluse Cafe! I am still dreaming about our fluffy stacks of pancakes served with Vermont maple syrup, bacon, eggs, french toast and coffee. I have honestly been craving Penny Cluse since we first discovered the cafe. We were walking through the town and I thought it looked like a cute little coffee shop then noticed they served brunch (my favorite), so I mentioned to Casey we would have to try it for breakfast. OH-EM-GEE. Truly the best food I have ever had in my life and that is not an exaggeration. We ended up eating there three times and would have more if we stayed in Burlington longer! Right before we flew back home, we woke up early and made sure we traveled back to Burlington just to eat at Penny Cluse one more time. If you come on a weekend, be sure to get there early or expect to wait a little bit. The place was packed each time we went.

The Skinny PancakeThis is located right by the waterfront. They are known for their specialty crepes! We ate here once and I think think their coffee and bacon are delicious. All of their pancakes are crepe styled! So if you love them, they have so many delicious ones to choose from.

Dinner: We lucked out on dinner! Every night we had the best food! Gosh I wish I could go back just for the food, I can’t say it enough how good the food is in Burlington. 

Pizzeria Verita: Homemade crust, hand tossed pizzas cooked in a wood-fire oven with local ingredients, need I say more? This was another hopping atmosphere and a full house! We were seated almost right away though and thankfully too because we had just arrived after spending the entire day flying and were so hungry. The food did not disappoint. 

American Flatbread Another delicious and local restaurant to serve pizza cooked in a wood-fire oven! This place was adorable to eat at night time. They placed us right next to a fireplace with views of the town. It was so pretty to see at nighttime with the fresh fallen snow! Not to mention delicious pizza!!

Uncommon Grounds Coffee & TeaThe cutest place to grab a cup of warm coffee after being out in the cold. It is no secret that Casey & I love coffee. We have been to countless local coffee shops everywhere we visit, and this is hand down the best place to grab a cup of joe! If I lived in Burlington and had access to this local shop, I would never have Starbucks again. Casey & I wondered why anyone was opting for Starbucks (which was right down the street) when they had this gem of a coffee shop. Honestly, you can skip all the other coffee shops in Burlington and just go here!


Church Street Marketplace: It is the cutest little area right in town full quant places to get a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate and shop. At the end of the road they had a huge Christmas tree lit up and every storefront was decorated for Christmas. It was so pretty walking under the lights at nightime.  

Lake Champlain: We walked the waterfront marina our first full day in VT and I am glad we did, because it was the only day it didn’t snow (too hard) and the views were crystal clear and gorgeous. Skinny pancake was right by the bay area, so it was perfect place to warm up afterwards and get some brunch and coffee.

Just Walk Around: Perhaps the most enjoyable part of our trip was having direct access to almost everything. Since our airbnb was right in town, we walked everywhere. The town is so cute! All of the homes are beautiful and almost everyone decorates for Christmas, which made us both so excited! You never know what you will see when you just walk around town and enjoy the views! 

What to Wear in the Snow

Snow Boots: Be sure to come well prepared with good warm boots and bundle up. After trying on dozens I am so thankful I purchased a pair of these Eddie Bauer boots, they were so comfortable, light and kept me warm! My feet never got cold once nor were they heavy! Most every boot I tried on in preparation for the trip was too heavy to walk in for me.

Casey purchased some men’s Sorel boots and he loved them.

Gloves: Purchase a pair of warm and thick mittens instead of gloves, they keep your hands warmer for longer!

Well, that is all for our trip to Burlington. If you’re serious about visiting and have any questions, let us know! We hear it is just as lovely in the Fall. 

Have any of you traveled to Vermont?! If so, what were your favorite places to visit?

Sara Cooley

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