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Mind What You Have Learned

This past week Sara and I went to Natural Bridge in Slade, KY (read her post here. I might write one later). Awesome trip. Good hike. I recommend it. Since then, I have been reminded about life choices, and why I chose certain things over others. Colleges, Majors, wife, what Superman shirt to wear for “Superman Shirt Friday,” careers, where to live, which Star Wars shirt to wear for “Star Wars Shirt Saturday”….so many important decisions! I’ve made some huge choices...

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Here’s Where the Fun Begins!

Welcome to The Cooley Cottage! This is a blog my wife and I will be writing that’s about all the things we value in life. You might find topics such as Married Life (especially for a young couple such as ourselves), Faith (pros and cons), Love (mostly from her blog from both of us!), Family (mostly great things, of course), and most likely some geeky stuff from me (Star Wars, comics, movies, etc.)....

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